WayOut Workshop

November 3, 2020/0/0

A Pan-European discussion round on gender-relevant aspects of exit work
Organised and led by Violence Prevention Network gGmbH

Although women play diverse and complex roles in extremist groups, they did not gain much attention from security actors and researchers as of recent years. Given the fact that dozens of deradicalisation and exit programmes have been implemented over the past decade with only a small fraction of them considering gender-relevant aspects in a meaningful way, the goal of the event is to start a dialogue between researchers and practitioners in this field. We want to discuss the need for gender-sensitive programming and bring together different perspectives on what it takes to get there.

Ariane Wolf (Violence Prevention Network)
Julia Handle (Violence Prevention Network)

Dr. Katherine Brown (University of Birmingham, UK)
Dr. Joana Cook (Leiden University, Netherlands)
Myassa Kraitt (Social-Cultural Anthropologist, Austria)
Karen Winther (Filmmaker, Norway)
Fabian Wichmann (Exit Deutschland)

This interactive discussion round between experts and first-line practitioners working in the areas of exit or deradicalisation takes place as part of the EU-funded Way Out project.